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Protocols of the Convocation Ceremony

The CIT Kokrajhar convocation ceremony requires complete decorum and the following guidelines must be followed:

1. Breach of protocol may lead to a legal punishment.

2. Children below 10 years are not allowed.

3. The convocation hall seats shall be occupied at 8:30 a.m. by the members, the graduating students and their accompanying guests/family members, as mentioned in the invitation card.

4. The graduating students are allowed to participate in the convocation subject to registration by filling up the form before the deadline.

5. The graduating students must sit only at the designated seat that has been allotted during the rehearsal.

6. The audience shall not leave the hall before the completion of the ceremony. They should move from their seats only after the academic procession departs and leaves the hall.

7. Cross talks, photography, movements, and loitering inside the convocation hall are strictly prohibited.

8. The audience will keep sitting in their designated seats, and will not move out of their places.

9. The graduating students shall move out of their designated seats only when their turn comes for receiving the award/degree and they must follow the exact procedure as followed during rehearsal.

10. Please carry any government-issued photo ID proof (Passport/Voter/I-card/Aadhaar card/Driving License/PAN card etc.) for entry into the convocation hall, which is mandatory for all the graduating students.

11. Security measures prohibit carry-in items. The following items are prohibited during the convocation viz. camera, whistles, bottled water or any bottled liquids, balloons, wrapped gifts, weapons, knife, sharp objects, food, alcohol etc. Coats, trousers, purses and other items are subject to inspection.

12. Personal photography and selfies are prohibited. The PMC coordinators and the NKN team shall carry out the photography and videography, respectively. The link of these photographs will be shared with the graduating students after the ceremony.

13. During the entire convocation event, mobile phones should be switched off.

14. Vehicles shall be parked in the assigned parking area only as directed by the Security Officer (SO).

15. The guests and family members of the graduating students and the faculty members, official invitees, and media persons shall occupy their seats only in the prescribed area.

16. Whistling, shouting, making noise, cheering and other forms of exclamations are prohibited.

17. In case an eligible member does not attend this Convocation or does not confirm attending this convocation, he/she will not be allowed to participate in any subsequent convocations. Moreover, his/her original certificate may be sent by post after the convocation to his/her mailing address registered with the Institute, on the receipt of in absentia fees, as decided by the Institute.

18. The graduating students are responsible for making stay arrangements for their family members during the convocation period. The hostel accommodation provided by CIT Kokrajhar is exclusively reserved for students

19. Each participant shall be allowed a maximum of two accompanying family members/guests at the convocation ceremony.

20. The audience present in the convocation shall stand up at the following occasions at the time when:

• The academic procession enters the hall and till they take their seats.
• Vande-matram, the national anthem.
• The academic procession departs and leaves the hall, and the “Oath”.